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INRS remains Québec leader for research intensity

November 8, 2019

Update : October 11, 2020

The Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) holds onto its first place ranking in Québec for funding received per professor and per student in the Research Infosource Inc. ranking of Canadian universities.
With their strategic research in economic, social, and cultural development, INRS professors raised the highest amounts in Québec for research funding in 2017–2018 according to results revealed today by Research Infosource on the research performance of Canadian universities. The ranking shows that professors at INRS received an average of $418,400 to conduct research.

As the only university institution dedicated exclusively to research and graduate training in the province, INRS has been at the forefront of research intensity in Québec for the past eleven years. In Canada, INRS rose from third to second place (for research funding per professor) for 2017–2018.
“We are extremely proud to be Québec’s top university for research intensity, year after year, and to rank second in Canada this year. The results highlight INRS’s key role in advancing knowledge and training the next generation of highly qualified scientists. I would like to congratulate our professors, students, and research professionals, who are constantly innovating to meet the challenges facing our society,” says Luc-Alain Giraldeau, Chief Executive Officer, INRS.
For the past two years, Research Infosource has also included funding per graduate student in its ranking. The data illustrates another of INRS’s strengths: focusing its resources on research projects conducted in an ideal training environment for master’s and doctoral students. The institution received an average of $100,300 per student for the year 2017–2018, making INRS the top university in the country for graduate student funding.


Research intensity at INRS in 2017–2018:

  • $418,400 per faculty member, no. 1 in Québec and no. 2 in Canada
  • $100,300 per graduate student, no. 1 in Québec and Canada

Source : Research Infosource