By cossette - Posted on 22 July 2011

Urbanisation Culture Société
Research Centre

The Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre has close to 40 professors from about ten different disciplines of social sciences, some 150 graduate and postgraduate students, and about 10 postdoctoral fellows. The Centre has a budget of approximately $4.6 million, with over $3.9 million from research grants and contracts.

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With locations in downtown Montreal and Quebec City, the Centre stands out for its fundamental and applied research and for allowing all students to be part of a research team so they can play an active role in finding solutions to the problems facing our society. The training offered at the Centre enables students to study phenomena in society using social statics and qualitative analysis.



Our Focus: Social Sciences


Learn and Participate in Research

The Urbanisation Culture Société (Urbanization Culture Society) Research Centre offers six graduate and postgraduate programs in the fields of urban studies, population studies, and mobilization. Students get daily, hands-on experience in their future career while participating in research with partners from diverse backgrounds.


Sought-After Expertise: Network Research

The Centre's professors are experts with an excellent reputation for research on childhood, youth and family, transformations of institutions and major cities, governance, social and cultural changes, regional history, aboriginal knowledge, and the impact of new technology. This exceptional expertise has paved the way for some professors to take Research Chair positions.


The Centre is a vital hub for a plethora of groups and networks that our professors have developed with colleagues from other institutions and a variety of backgrounds, both in Canada and abroad, particularly in developing countries.



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