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Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie Research Centre

The Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie Research Centre contributes to Quebec research efforts, graduate and postgraduate training, and technology transfer in the fields of human, animal, and environmental health.

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Claude Guertin
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Bringing together over 40 professors, the Centre boasts a strong tradition of research geared toward prevention and improving health. The Centre has internationally recognized expertise and is considered a hub for health research in Quebec. With an annual budget of $11.2 million with $6.8 million in grants and research contracts, the Centre is located in the greater Montreal area, in the heart of Biotech City in the Laval Scientific and High Technology Park, in close proximity to a number of pharmaceutical and biotech companies.



Our focus: health research

Centre professors draw on their many areas of expertise to prevent, detect, and treat a variety of diseases. They focus their research activities on three major areas:

Infectious diseases, immunity, cancer, and epidemiology

Microbiology and biotechnology

Environmental toxicology and chemical pharmacology


Study with fields experts

The Centre welcomes some 20 postgraduate fellows and close to 140 graduate and doctoral students enrolled in its five programs of study: applied microbiology, experimental health science, biology, virology, and immunology. The Centre provides a stimulating learning environment that stresses research and includes personal training, the active support of professors who are recognized as experts in their field, and access to the most up-to-date research equipment available.



Sought-after expertise

The Centre is home to the largest immunology research team in Quebec. More than an unparalleled environmental health hub, the Centre boasts exceptional expertise in monitoring sports doping and characterizing bioactive peptides.



Working with international partners

The Centre participates in large national and international research networks, such as the Institut Pasteur International Network on infectious diseases, the Environmental Health Research Network, the Quebec Inter-Institutional Research Centre for Ecotoxicology, and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports. Thanks to the knowledge and know-how of its professors, the Centre is home to five Canada Research Chairs.




DR. Armand Frappier (1904-1991)


A doctor, microbiologist, professor and researcher, Dr. Armand Frappier made a prodigious contribution to the improvement of public health in Québec, as well as the vigour of research and the training of researchers in this field.

The death from tuberculosis of several close family members affected him deeply, and he was aware of how great a challenge needed to be met in the fight against infections. Armand Frappier decided to make tuberculosis the first battle in his life-long fight against infectious diseases.