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Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre

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INRS  Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre (Research Centre on Water, Earth, and the Environmentinvolves 34 professors who work to improve environmental protection, and conservation and development of natural resources. They work with a multidisciplinary approach that they believe is crucial for creating the global vision necessary for the understanding and sustainable management of water and land resources.

With an annual budget of $26 million, $13 million of which comes from grants, subsidies, and research contracts, the Centre has cutting edge laboratories and facilities dedicated to the development of environmental technologies.

Located in downtown Québec City, the Centre has around 200 students enrolled in its graduate and postgraduate programs and welcomes about 20 postdoctoral researchers annually. Each student is part of a research team and plays an active role in finding solutions to the challenging problems our world faces.

Our focus: The future of our Planet
Training and research activities are organized around four focus areas:

  • Environmental decontamination and waste reclamation
  • Aquatic biogeochemistry
  • Earth sciences
  • Hydrology

Combining study, lab work, and fieldwork
The Centre offers 6 programs for graduate and postgraduate study in water and earth sciences. During the course of their studies, students develop a multitude of skills and competencies while conducting research in the lab or in the field. The students deal with applied issues related to the conservation and management of water and land resources.

Research equipment and facilities
The Centre is equipped with specialized laboratories and large-scale facilities to further innovative research in the areas of hydrology, biogeochemistry, geoscience, and waste conversion.

The cultivation of expertise
The level of expertise developed at the Centre has paved the way for several of its professors to receive research chairs. The Centre is associated with many national and international institutions, including the Geological Survey of Canada. Academics working at the Centre also participate in many important international projects such as the Potrok Aike Maar Lake Sediment Archives Drilling Project (PASADO) and the Cau River project in Vietnam.



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