By anne-marie.dubois - Posted on 21 January 2019

Have you completed at least one year of an undergraduate program in natural science, engineering, health science, or social science?You’re eligible for a summer research internship at INRS.

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Take part in exciting, ground-breaking research

Take advantage of world-class research facilities

Work with experts known nationally and around the world

*Apply! You have until February 1st


*The undergraduate student will have to enclose with his application the following documents (PDF):
  • a letter of intent outlining the work, courses or experiences that motivate him to join a research team from the INRS center where he wishes to obtain a summer internship;


  • his curriculum vitae;


  • an up-to-date official transcript for completed academic terms. If the statement does not mention the winter term 2019, a registration certificate is required for this quarter.



French is the official use language at INRS.