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Postdoctoral Fellowship

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Postdoctoral fellowships expand student's horizons and sharpen their research skills, enhance their ability to design and carry out projects, and advance doctoral training. INRS welcomes hundreds of postdoctoral fellows in the fields of water, earth and environmental sciences, engineering and advanced technologies, biosciences, and social sciences.



Open post-doctoral position in integrated optics fabrication



Director: Mohamed Chaker, professor at Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre (Varennes, QC, Canada)


Download the postdoctoral position offer (pdf)


Required qualifcations: PhD degree in Engineering Physics, Applied Physics, Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering or in a closely related field, and experience in the design and characterization of integrated optical devices


Salary: $45 000 (CAD) per year. The employment contract is for one year and is renewable for up to three years.


Starting date: The position is available immediately



Postdoctoral position in Microbiology


Postdoctoral Fellowship in Structure and Function of Bacterial Membrane Proteins

Director : Charles Calmettes, professor at INRS–Institut Armand-Frappier Research Centre (Laval, QC, Canada)


Download the postdoctoral position offer (pdf)


Starting date : January 2018, or early 2018





How to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship


1. Contact the professor you would like to do your fellowship with and request their approval to supervise you as a postdoctoral researcher. See the list of all our professors




Eligibility criteria

• Have a PhD awarded within the last five years before the start of the postdoctoral fellowship or have officially submitted a thesis for evaluation (the five-year period can be extended up to two years in the case of parental leave or family leave)


• Have received from your supervising professor approval for a postdoctoral fellowship for a specified period


• Ensure the research work you will undertake as part of the postdoctoral fellowship is connected with INRS fields of study



Lenght and remuneration

 • Fellowship can begin at any time during the year. Postdoctoral fellows must focus exclusively on the work for which they sought the fellowship. Fellows are entitled to four weeks of vacation a year for each completed fellowship year.
 • Postdoctoral fellowships can last up to five years, including periods of interruption but excluding parental and family leave. Fellowships must be completed within seven years of the thesis defence.
 • The minimum annual income for a full-time salaried postdoctoral fellow is determined according to the pay rate set annually by the Government of Quebec for doctoral students. For example, the minimum annual income for May 1, 2017, to April 30, 2018, is $39,813.
 • Postdoctoral fellows with individual scholarships from external organizations for which INRS has been specifically named as the recipient’s host institution are considered scholarship postdoctoral fellows. Scholarship postdoctoral fellows must receive at least $30,000 from external organizations. Failing this, fellowship supervisors must supplement postdoctoral fellows’ income, and this income supplement is considered a salary.