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International Students

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INRS is a graduate and postgraduate level research university that contributes to advancing scientific knowledge and training highly qualified students in strategic sectors.




Canada's top university
INRS train the international researchers of the future. Over 55% of our students come from more than 40 different countries. Why study at INRS? Because INRS is number one of Canada’s top universities in terms of research intensity. Because we train the researchers of tomorrow by serving society today. Because a large majority of our graduates find jobs in their field of study after completing their program.

Studying at INRS
INRS offers 26 master’s and doctoral programs, 2 short programs and one DESS as well as postdoctoral fellowships with its teams of seasoned researchers. To know the cost of studying at INRS, you may refer to the tuition fees.


A global-mind university
INRS welcomes more than 700 students each year from countries including France, Morocco, Italy, Germany, India, China, Vietnam, and Mexico. Our students work directly with research professors, a number of whom also came from abroad to build a career at INRS.

Outstanding scholarship programs
Throughout their time at INRS, students benefit from generous scholarship programs that allow them to concentrate on their studies. INRS also provides its students with financial assistance for scientific or academic projects and encourages them to take advantage of scholarships from public and private organizations.


Choosing Quebec
Visit the Quebec Universities website (in french) for an overview of the academic community in Quebec.
Choosing Montreal
Project developed by Montréal International (MI) in partnership with the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI) of Québec to better support international students in Greater Montréal that would like to stay in Québec after their studies. For more information, consult and social media platforms (Facebook et LinkedIn).



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