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The Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) is a graduate research institute composed of four research and teaching centers located in different cities (Montréal, Laval, Varennes and Quebec). INRS plays a key role in the advancement of scientific knowledge and the training of highly qualified workers in strategic sectors of research, both in Quebec and in the rest of the world.



Finding solutions to problems facing our society

Conducting applied and fundamental research essential to the advancement of science in Quebec and around the world, our research teams play a critical role in finding solutions to problems facing our society. For close to 50 years, INRS has contributed to science and the training of highly qualified students in sectors of great strategic importance for our society: water, earth, and environment; energy, materials, and telecommunications; human, animal, and environmental health; and urbanization, culture, and society




Students at the heart of research


Our 150 professors favour a thematic and multidisciplinary approach to training and research in order to advance scientific knowledge. Students are integrated into research teams from the start, which greatly facilitates the acquisition and development of knowledge and skills. Professors are frequently looking for students eager to contribute to the advancement of science through innovative research projects.




A university of human scale


Every year, INRS welcomes close to 700 students (40% master’s and 60% doctorates). About 50% of its students are women. Every year, it welcomes about 100 postdoctoral fellows. As of 2016, INRS awarded more than 2,813 degrees. INRS is open to the world: with 58 % of its students are foreign nationals from forty countries including France, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, Germany, India, China, Vietnam, and Mexico.




Graduate and postgraduate programs


INRS offers distinct and highly specialized programs (master’s/MSc, doctorates/PhD, short programs, DESS and bidiplomation course) with research or without. It also offers programs with professional profiles. INRS offers thesis co-supervision programs leading to the bidiplomation with France, Italy and Morocco.




Local and international partners


INRS works with a number of major partners across Quebec and Canada. INRS is part of a network of international partners. Our four Centres take an active approach to research and work in partnership with the industry and government. INRS professors work with colleagues from over twenty university institutions in European, Asian, American, and African countries. INRS is the first and only Canadian university hosted by Venice International UniversityINRS research teams participate in international scientific networks in cutting-edge fields such as nanotechnology, plasma technologies and applications, and peptide pharmacology.





The INRS building located in downtown Québec houses the laboratories and classrooms of the Terre Eau Environnement Research Centre, as well as the administrative departments and services